IOT – Internet of things


Our team is engaged in the development of IoT solutions and is ready to carry out responsibility at all stages – from developing prototypes of devices and data exchange protocols to full-scale serial production at a certified factory, from creating server software that is used to receive data from equipment and manage it, to user WEB-interfaces and mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. Our experts have many years of experience not only in the development process itself, but also in developing a go-to-market strategy and marketing support of IoT products.

Areas of use

Today IoT devices are present in absolutely all areas of life and their number is growing daily. It is predicted that by 2025 there will be about 25 billion connected devices in the world – in transport, at home, in any business and to ensure the Smart City life.


Present data transfer technologies allow you to start using IoT almost instantly – most often power source for the device and any communication network – Wifi, GSM or Lora – are enough. Devices are accessible from any computer or smartphone and most often IoT solutions allow not only to monitor their status but also to manage devices remotely.

How it works

Process automation

IoT-products allow you to automate various processes in completely different areas - from collecting information from various sensors in smart home systems, to automating processes in serious industries. Sensors and Internet of Things devices help to reduce the human factor and speed up the decision-making process.

Risks minimization

Due to the possibility of setting the rules of the alert system in case of reaching critical values by the parameters detected by the sensors, IoT solutions help to minimize possible risks - instant notifications contribute to timely response and prevent critical situations.

Security enhancement

IoT solutions significantly increase the security of remote stationary or mobile objects: continuous remote monitoring of the state of an apartment, house, car or person provides both the calmness of the owner and the ability to quickly respond to critical situations - hijacking, hacking, etc.


Internet of things

Our other services

Web applications

We design, develop and implement commercial WEB applications or products, which purpose is to automate customers’ business processes or to optimize their work on any stage.

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Mobile applications

Our experts create mobile applications for iOS and Android for any direction. Applications can both be stand-alone, or integrated with any equipment or ready software – CRM, ERP, WEB-sites.

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AR – augmented reality

We create mobile apps with AR (augmented reality) for both iOS and Android platforms of any level of functionality and any kind of business – sellers, education, real estate and many others.

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