AR – augmented reality


Our team have experience in development of applications and platforms using AR technologies – augmented reality for iOS and Android using ARKit and ARCore. We create applications of any level – starting from placing virtual 3D objects in a real environment on horizontal or vertical surfaces and using markers, as well as animated 3D models with full user on click interaction. Our team also has 3D-designers, which allows us to fully implement augmented reality projects for our customers.

Areas of use

AR (augmented reality) technology is increasingly capturing the market. In addition to marketing activities to promote brands and increase sales, augmented reality is increasingly used in the field of education, including corporate.


A distinctive feature of AR from virtual or mixed reality is the ability to use it with almost any modern smartphone or tablet – anywhere in the world without the special equipment – masks or glasses.

How it works


AR has an amazing WOW factor: it is now fueled by artificial intelligence, which allows cameras to recognize the world and impose digital content on it.

Innovative approach

Recognition of real objects and adaptation to lighting conditions with the most reliable integration of virtual objects into real space.

Increase attractiveness

Going beyond the passive marketing gimmicks and getting a dynamic and exciting result that will awaken the feelings of customers and bring their involvement to a new level.


AR Accomplishments

Our other services

Web applications

We design, develop and implement commercial WEB applications or products, which purpose is to automate customers’ business processes or to optimize their work on any stage.

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Mobile applications

Our experts create mobile applications for iOS and Android for any direction. Applications can both be stand-alone, or integrated with any equipment or ready software – CRM, ERP, WEB-sites.

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IOT – Internet of things

Our team implements IoT solutions at all stages – from the engineering the devices prototype and data exchange protocols to the design and development of software and mobile applications.

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