Why is it i-bee?

i-bee – IoT-solution for remote monitoring of apiaries and bees. Ыpecial devices are installed each hive and fix parameters about the hives status in the apiary – inside temperature, humidity and sound, the weight of the hive, and also have a built-in motion sensor and hive cover sensor. All these data are transmitted through the hub station to the server via the GSM channel and are displayed to the beekeeper’s mobile application. Using i-bee, beekeepers have the possibility to remotely monitor their bees, receive immediate alarm notifications in case of emergency, and also record the daily increase of honey and the condition of the bees.

Goals i-bee

The i-bee product was fully implemented by our specialists, from the development of the product concept, its design and devices production, to the development of algorithms for the interaction of equipment with the server, database structure, mobile applications for iOS and Android and WEB application. We are constantly working on adapting the product, including integration with various payment systems for different regions, improving interfaces according to users feedbacks, increasing functionality and improving usability.


CLIENT:  i-bee

FINISH DATE:  October 2019





Android development
IOS development

Development time:

5 months

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