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IoT solutions for remote monitoring of the beehives using specialized equipment and mobile applications
What is i-bee
i-bee is an IoT solution for remote control of apiaries and bees. Special devices are installed on each hive, which record a number of parameters about the condition of the hives in the apiary: temperature, humidity and sound inside the hives, the weight of the hive, and also have a built-in motion sensor and opening of the hive cap. All these data are transmitted through the base station to the server via the GSM channel and are available in the beekeeper's mobile application. With the help of i-bee, beekeepers have the opportunity to remotely monitor their bees, receive prompt alarm messages in case of emergency situations, as well as record the daily increase in honey and the condition of bees.

What have been done
The i-bee product was fully implemented by our specialists: starting from the formation of the product concept, its design, design and development of devices, ending with the development of algorithms for the interaction of equipment with the server, designing databases, mobile applications for iOS and Android, a web application for user and device administration . We are constantly working on product adaptation, including linking payment systems for different regions, improving interfaces taking according to the feedbacks from users, increasing functionality and improving usability.

Customer's target
Develop a software and hardware complex that will help to carry out continuous remote monitoring of the state of beehives and in the future will be able to collect big data for further analytics.
4 interesting facts about the project
  • Own apiary
    Own beehives on the 26th floor in Kyiv to confirm theories
  • Maximum features
    The best combination of price and functionality according to user reviews
  • Sound analysis
    The potential of using artificial intelligence to generate warnings
  • Bees counting
    Creation of a unique sensor in the world for counting bees and analytics
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