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For corporations
We analyze customers' business processes, audit the current situation, formulate a strategy for implementing solutions in the operation of enterprises, and provide staff training
Our developments for corporations solve the following tasks
Launching new products
Digital products that expand the corporation's offer for a specific target audience
Optimization of costs and processes
Internal systems that reduce the burden on human resources and reduce costs
Increasing attractiveness
Tools designed to boost sales through
launching online
Development and implementation of services that automate processes and reduce the human factor
Our developments for corporations solve the following tasks
Launch of new products
Digital products that
extend a corporation's offering to a specific target audience
Costs and processes optimization
Internal systems that reduce the burden on human resources and reduce costs
Attractiveness increase
Solutions developed to increase sales volumes by implementing
online stores
Effectiveness increase
Development of services that automate processes and reduce the human factor
Peculiarities of working with business customers
  • Audit of current processes
    Joint analysis of the current situation in the company with the customer and research into the operation of other companies in the industry to assess the scale of digitalization
  • Goal setting
    Determining the company's goals to be achieved through product development – increasing profits, reducing costs, automating processes, etc.
  • Evaluation of success criteria
    Approval of the key indicators used by the customer to analyze the success of the software product development and the return on investment
  • Involvement of leading
    At the stage of developing the terms of reference, we involve all future participants in the process whose knowledge and experience can improve the quality of the stated requirements
  • Integration into the company's processes
    We train staff to use the developed product and pay attention to the effect of its implementation
  • Performance analysis of the development
    After a while, together with the customer, we evaluate the success of the project and the user experience gained to identify further development steps
Our services
Regardless of the scale of the project
we are developing in the following stages
  • We discuss the concept with the customer
    We gather the customer's wishes and ideas, signing NDAs if necessary, and give initial recommendations
  • We write user stories and terms of reference
    We elaborate user stories for each user role of the future product and generate documentation
  • We initiate the project and arrange the team
    Depending on the complexity of the product, we involve relevant experts and develop the "rules of the game" in the project
  • We break the project down into releases and stages
    Even a small project can be broken down into short sprints, and development stages are approved by the customer
  • We introduce the development stages and get feedback
    Each sprint finishes by informing the client about the current status and taking into account feedback
  • We hand over the release to the customer for testing
    After reaching tangible results, we hand it over to the customer for testing along with the prescribed test cases
  • We release the product and provide a warranty period
    After achieving the final result, we publish the software for public access and maintain its performance
  • We support the product after the release
    By agreement with the customer, we maintain the product's performance and monitor its operation
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