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Freshlab portfolio
We provide a list of some major projects that are not protected by non-disclosure agreements with our customers
Our works
A self-installed car alarm system that reduces the risk of car theft and increases the chances of its return
An augmented reality platform that allows switching to AR in minutes
A passenger application that allows tracking public transport and paying fares
A system for remote monitoring and control of irrigation machines
GPS monitoring and transport management platform for business clients
Software and hardware complex for meteorological monitoring and weather data service
An online platform for collecting, accounting, and analyzing information from fixed and mobile automatic filling stations
IOS and Android mobile applications for online public transport tracking and city trip planning
A new generation alarm system that consists of devices and mobile applications and can be easily installed without assistance
IoT solution for remote monitoring of bee hives using specialized equipment and mobile applications
iOS and Android mobile applications for optimizing the work of merchandisers and monitoring tasks
An online platform for configuring and visualizing objects online for their further ordering
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