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For startups
We help startups with the validation of ideas by creating prototypes of web and mobile applications, develop product design, architecture, and MVPs
Our developments for start-ups solve the following tasks
Design and UI/UX development
We develop product design and interface layouts for demonstration

We design and create prototypes of future products to present the functionality to investors
Developing an MVP of the solution
We develop the minimum viable functionality of the solution for testing and validation of the idea
Scaling the functionality
We support the product after it enters the market and develop new functionality
Peculiarities of working with start-ups
  • Insight into the idea
    We develop solutions for determining the business values of a potential product, analyze the target audience, and define key values
  • Search for vulnerabilities
    We create a focus group to identify potential problems after the launch, communicate with future users, and improve the Customer Journey Map
  • Recommendations for stages
    We define and develop product development stages based on the primary goals – attracting a customer base or solvent users
  • Loyal development cost
    We provide the lowest possible prices for young and ambitious teams for all our services – design, programming, testing, consulting
  • Possibility of partnership
    For the most interesting projects, we can consider a full-fledged partnership with "zero" prices in exchange for joint profits in the future
  • Assistance in attracting investment
    Given our extensive experience in creating our solutions and direct contacts with potential investors from various fields, we help to raise money for product development
Our services
Regardless of the scale of the project
we are developing in the following stages
  • We discuss the concept with the customer
    We gather the customer's wishes and ideas, signing NDAs if necessary, and give initial recommendations
  • We write user stories and terms of reference
    We elaborate user stories for each user role of the future product and generate documentation
  • We initiate the project and arrange the team
    Depending on the complexity of the product, we involve relevant experts and develop the "rules of the game" in the project
  • We break the project down into releases and stages
    Even a small project can be broken down into short sprints, and development stages are approved by the customer
  • We introduce the development stages and get feedback
    Each sprint finishes by informing the client about the current status and taking into account feedback
  • We hand over the release to the customer for testing
    After reaching tangible results, we hand it over to the customer for testing along with the prescribed test cases
  • We release the product and provide a warranty period
    After achieving the final result, we publish the software for public access and maintain its performance
  • We support the product after the release
    By agreement with the customer, we maintain the product's performance and monitor its operation
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Our team will advise you on the start of development and implementation stages!
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