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Development of software and hardware products in the sphere of mobile objects - own and corporate transport, safety systems, complexes for automation of gas stations
Key experience
GPS tracking systems
Software and hardware complexes and IoT-products for remote control of location and parameters of movement of vehicles, routes of movement, video control in transport
Passenger transport
Specialized algorithms and solutions for tracking the movement of passenger transport on schedules, applications for drivers and for passengers with electronic payment
Fuel control
Development of complex systems for the dispensing and accounting of fuel from own fuel stations, accounting for balances and identification of the dispensing of fuel with further use and write-off
Business-processes automation
Unique products developed for business processes of corporate clients, with automatic fuel write-off, accounting of drivers' working hours and corporate car-sharing
Stages of cooperation
Study of requirements and task formation
Study of the technical task, obtaining all the necessary data from the customer through consultations. Signing the contract. Development of the general concept of the project, formation and coordination of user stories
Project initiation
Allocation of the necessary resource of developers, formation of stages of realization of tasks and definition of methodology of development. Approval of terms and budget of the project, determination of the format of interaction with the customer. Approval of communication channels
Step-by-step development and the results delivery
Development, testing and presentation to the customer of the results of work in accordance with the approved stages and schedule. Making adjustments according to customer feedback.
Testing and training
Carrying out of complex testing of a product according to the developed test cases. Presentation of work results, transfer of the product for testing to the responsible persons of the customer
Pre-release preparation
Uploading of web applications in the open access, mobile applications - in mobile markets. Preparation of necessary user documentation (public offer, privacy policy, etc.)
Release and support
Prompt bug fixing, which were identified during the commercial implementation of the project. Consultation of technical specialists of the customer about the product operation. By agreement - technical support and product maintenance
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