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About Freshlab
We are a team of like-minded people who work as a well-oiled machine to achieve the goal and satisfy the customer's needs
Our team
In our team, we have gathered the best experts with extensive experience who are ready to provide you with the highest level of solutions
Our managers take a close look at your idea at the beginning of the project and advise you on the development stages. They are the point of contact on our behalf. They manage the team's work and present the results
System architects
They work out the most flexible product structure in line with its goals and future growth. They lay a solid foundation to ensure a high load from the growing number of future users
Business analysts
They delve into the business values of the project and conduct research among the target audience. Our analysts suggest the development stages and translate the terms of reference into user stories for the development team to work smoothly
Web developers
There are backend and frontend developers. The former ones program the logic of the future product depending on user needs and technical specifications. They ensure the speed of the system with large data sets. The latter ones develop a user-friendly interface based on the approved product design and ensure its interaction with the embedded logic
Mobile application developers
They develop software for use on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. They adapt applications to the native requirements of each platform for maximum performance and convenience
They develop the UI/UX design of your future software. They will analyze the target audience, research similar or equivalent products. Designers create a product that is both beautiful and convenient for your users
They will prepare test cases for the product to be tested before the official release, check and submit all the bugs to the developers, and monitor feedback from real users during the warranty period
When creating hardware prototypes and developing firmware, the quality of future software and hardware systems will depend on them. They will select the optimal components and calculate the initial cost
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Our team will advise you on the start of development and implementation stages!
Shortly about us
Freshlab is a subsidiary of the IT INNOVATIONS group of companies, which is engaged in professional outsourced software development. We offer software development services of all kinds: mobile applications for iOS and Android, web applications, database design, the creation of responsive websites, and integrated products. We have more than 17 years of experience and have in-house expertise in integrating innovations into business, which we share with our customers.

We have been working as a single team since 2014. During this time, we have implemented dozens of projects ranging in complexity. We approach each task with fresh ideas and views, always recommending the best options for implementation.

We are both creative and thorough in our approach to each task, offering new trends in solving typical problems. We are trusted by leading companies from all over the world!

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