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Petroline FMS
An online platform for collecting, accounting, and analyzing information from fixed and mobile automatic filling stations
What is
Petroline FMS
Online platform for collecting, accounting and analyzing information from stationary and mobile automatic fuel stations.The system allows you to receive real-time information about the state of all tanks, operations with them and transactions by drivers. It is possible to remotely set limits for each driver card or vehicle and monitor the received fuel for each entity in the system.

What have been done
The backend and frontend of the system of administration and management of all entities have been implemented. An integrated data exchange protocol with the management controller and its remote settings, RFID card updates, etc. There is an responsive interface for calibrating each filling station. The system has the functionality of an excise warehouse for accounting for fuel at the enterprise in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and a template creator of reporting forms for enterprise processes.

Customer's target
To develop own software and hardware complex for fuel monitoring at private fuel stations for the purpose of further earning and product support.
4 interesting facts about the project
  • Continuous development
    Since 2016 work has been paused for less than 6 months in total
  • Technology migration
    During the development, migration to more relevant frameworks was carried out
  • Requirements creation
    Continuous work of our business analysts on the creation of technical tasks
  • End customers' wishes
    Our team is involved in communication with the end users of the system
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