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A software-and-hardware solution for meteorological monitoring and a weather data service
What is Meteotrek
Meteotrek is an IoT solution for remote monitoring of weather conditions using specialized equipment and software. The sensors record the parameters which you can view online via mobile applications and the web version of the product. The software offers the option of adding equipment to your own fields or subscribing to public-access stations. The user can view historical data for many years, analyze the yield, use special algorithms to analyze various accumulated parameters and weather forecasts.

What was done
Meteotrek was fully implemented by our specialists: from the product conception and style formulation, design and development of devices, to the development of equipment-server interaction algorithms, design of databases, iOS and Android mobile applications, and user and administrator web applications for working with users and devices. We are continuously adapting the product, expanding its functionality for different agricultural crops, improving interfaces taking into account feedback from users, increasing the number of the product features, and improving its usability.

The customer's goal
Develop and introduce a comprehensive professional meteorological monitoring product adapted for Ukrainian users. In addition, improve the quality of meteorological forecast due to dense installation of meteorological stations in Ukraine.
4 project highlights
  • Equipment
    Over the years, the number of weather station modifications has grown from 1 to 28
  • State partnership
    Meteotrek regularly exchanges data with the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center
  • Certification
    Availability of a metrological control certificate
    for all
    Meteotrek equipment
  • Cross-platform solution
    Mobile applications
    were created
    for two platforms
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