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Remote monitoring and control system for irrigation machines
What is FregatSmart
An IoT product assisting with online monitoring and control of irrigation systems installed in fields. Using mobile applications or a web interface you can remotely turn on/off center-pivot, frontal or race course machines or their selected sectors. You can create irrigation tasks for the future, manage irrigation depending on weather and soil condition, and plan other technological operations.

What was done
A comprehensive administration system and user interfaces based on an adaptive web application and native iOS and Android mobile applications have been developed. A proprietary protocol for data exchange between the server and the main controller and an automatic emergency notification system have been developed. Integration with the Meteotrek weather data service has been fulfilled and a flexible reporting system for comprehensive irrigation system operation analysis has been developed.

The customer's goal
Increase the attractiveness of their irrigation systems due to the development of an innovative tool for remote control and monitoring of irrigation machines, enter international markets, and increase their competitiveness in Ukraine.
4 project highlights
  • Protocols development
    Creation of the proprietary protocol for data exchange with the main controller
  • 3 development teams
    Management and synchronization of simultaneous work of 3 teams
  • Life cycle
    Automation of the entire
    life cycle of the irrigation system
  • Meteotrek
    Integration with the Meteotrek service to receive weather data online
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