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3D Configurator
An online platform for configuring and visualizing objects online with an option to order them
What is
3D Configurator
Interactive 3D Configurator is an online platform for instant online configuration of any object which comes to exist as its full digital twin in virtual environment. In other words, it is a virtual interactive “fitting room” for a product or a group of products that can be integrated into an existing website or developed from scratch according to the basic requirements for attraction and support of the company's target audience.

What was done
Terms of reference have been drafted; a database and a proprietary framework have been designed for “on-the-fly” visualization of objects and their elements. Due to its web-oriented architecture, 3D Configurator works on any platform, operating system and on any device regardless of its screen size. Our team has developed universal sets of filters, attributes and color palettes that can be quickly adapted to any customer’s needs; also, individual functions can be quickly created depending on terms of reference.

The customer's goal
Development of their own product to offer to their clients as an SaaS solution with different tariff plans, service content and individual configurations.
4 project highlights
  • Versatility
    3D Configurator doesn’t require any app installation and can run on any device, offering gamified presentation and shopping experience
  • Object detailing
    Despite the high loading speed, our goal was to preserve the appearance of the object, which was achieved by developing a proprietary 3D model optimization algorithm
  • Touch panel
    Our interactive 3D Configurator can be integrated into a touch panel to facilitate product presentation in any sales office
  • E-commerce
    The solution offers seamless integration into your existing online store, allowing you to update it instead of rebuilding everything from scratch
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