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An augmented reality platform that allows switching to AR in minutes
What is ARena
ARena is an augmented reality SaaS platform that allows any user to demonstrate their objects in augmented reality using a smartphone and a special mobile application. The user registers his personal account, creates his projects, uploads 3D models of his objects and in minutes gets the opportunity to place his virtual objects in real space. Each user gets the opportunity to quickly and easily switch to AR without investment in software development and long waiting.

What have been done
For the ARena product, native iOS and Android mobile applications, as well as backend software and a user interface were created. We used ARKit (for iOS) and ARCore (for Android) technologies, as well as developed our own libraries for expanding the functional modes of augmented reality - placing objects on horizontal and vertical surfaces, as well as using markers. For both platforms, the user just needs to download one model, which becomes available in mobile applications in a few seconds.

Customer's target
Development of an innovative product and further earnings on the SaaS solution depending on the selected tariff plan.Providing users with additional value due to the use of ready-made mobile applications with augmented reality that do not require initial investments.
4 interesting facts about the project
  • Universal 3D-models
    For both application platforms, the same files are uploaded to the admin panel
  • R&D stage
    The stage of preliminary research and testing took about 4 months
  • Business model
    Our team worked out
    3 tariff plans for
  • MC.today top-5
    In 2019 the product entered the TOP-5 ranking of Ukrainian startups
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