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A platform for optimization of the maritime transportation processes – from hiring staff to accounting for ship repairs and servicing
What is Shipcon
Shipcon is an online community that brings together the maritime industry members seeking to digitize all typical processes and solve problems faced by members. Ship owners can search for personnel by experience and skill level using video resumes of sailors. Sailors can subscribe to relevant jobs and obtain support from the moment of confirmation of the position to the signing of the contract and placement on the ship. Other process participants can automate their typical business processes.

What was done
We took part in the development of technical requirements, gathered information from the potential audience and conducted interviews to determine the main functional blocks of the future product. We have developed a complete product concept, a brand book (including product naming), a detailed clickable prototype of the product web version, and a site landing page.

The customer's goal
Develop a universal system for automation of the maritime industry processes.
4 project highlights
  • 18+ years of experience
    Vast maritime experience of the customer and understanding of all processes
  • Joint trips
    Foreign business trips
    to identify the needs
    of potential users
  • 3 designers
    Collaboration of three UI/UX specialists for maximum convenience
  • Accelerator
    Participation in the Startup Wise Guys accelerator together with the customer
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