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iOS and Android mobile applications for tracking public transport online and planning trips around the city
What is EasyWay
EasyWay is public transport in your smartphone. The mobile applications for iOS and Android allow city dwellers and tourists to calculate the optimal public transport route. The application features a real-time passenger information board for each stop, a list of current routes with visualization on the map, fare information, and the public transport online tracking function. The service is available in more than 80 cities of 8 countries, and the total number of downloads exceeds 2 million.

What was done
We were tasked with picking-up the finished product, developing new functions, and optimizing the operation of the already existing application – first of the Kotlin-based app for the Android platform and then of the Objective C-based app for iOS. Over the years of cooperation, we released a number of key interface updates, transferred algorithms to more modern technologies, and regularly adapted applications with regard to new operating systems and versions of smartphones. After the implementation of all assigned tasks, all source codes were transferred to the customer so that they can support the applications independently.

The customer's goal
Upgrade the current system, implement new algorithms in order to improve the prediction of the vehicles’ arrival at stops, transfer applications to more modern technologies.
4 project highlights
  • Synchronization of works
    Three teams carried out the work on the project simultaneously
  • R&D in
    New algorithms were
    tested and improved on "live" users
  • Testing

    Up to 30 different smartphones were used for initial testing of
    the release
  • Average
    With 2+ million
    downloads, the
    average app
    rating is 4.5+
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