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Kyivstar Autotracking
Development of an IoT solution that ensures the safety of your car with the help of a smartphone
What is Kyivstar Autotracking
Autotracking - the safety of your car in your smartphone. IoT solution, which helps the user to reduce the risks of theft of his own car. The client buys equipment, installs it in his car with his own hands in a minutes, and with the help of a smartphone he has the opportunity to receive messages in security mode - loss of communication, motion or ignition sensor, impact on the glass or wheel. All management and informing takes place through the user's smartphone using a special mobile application.

What have been done
Design and development from scratch of the entire hardware and software complex. Designing, testing and serial production of two devices - a car informer and a car beacon, which complement each other in their functionality. Development of backend software, as well as mobile applications for iOS and Android. We also fully developed the packaging design for the devices. Implementing a payment system for the service, we integrated with the CPA platform of the mobile operator Kyivstar for pricing the service from the mobile accounts of subscribers.

Customer's target
Integration into the company's own product line a branded Internet of Things solution, developed to expand the list of services, add attractiveness to the company's related services, maintain the customer base and position the company as a comprehensive provider of innovative solutions for B2C customers.
4 interesting facts about the project
  • Team size
    Up to 17 specialists worked on the development at the same time
  • Focus group
    A focus group of 30 people worked on the user flow of the project
  • Service billing
    The system is integrated
    with the Kyivstar billing platform
  • Production geography
    The devices were designed, developed and are manufactured in Kyiv
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