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An independently installed alarm system of the new generation consisting of devices and mobile applications
What is I-SEE
I-SEE is the safety of your car in your smartphone. This is an IoT solution, which helps the user to reduce the risks of theft of their vehicle. The client buys the equipment, independently installs it in the car in a matter of minutes, and receives security messages via a smartphone in the following cases: loss of communication, tripping of the motion or ignition sensor, impact on a door glass, a windscreen or a wheel. Control and communication are performed through the user's smartphone using a special mobile application.

What was done
The entire software-and-hardware solution has been designed and developed from scratch. Two devices have been designed, tested and put into serial production – a vehicle tracker and a locator complementing each other in terms of their functionality. Development of the backend software, as well as mobile applications for iOS and Android. We have also developed the packaging design. In order to implement the billing system for the service, we performed the integration with LIQPAY and FONDY.

The customer's goal
Develop a software-and-hardware solution to reduce the risks of car theft and increase the chances of its return. The key requirement was the development of independently installed equipment and iOS and Android mobile applications to control your own car.
4 project highlights
  • R&D
    Product testing in
    real conditions
    about a year
  • No thefts
    Since the commercial
    launch of the product,
    we are not aware of even one theft
  • Competition
    After I-SEE entered the market, there was a sharp drop in price of competitors’ products
  • Kyivstar
    Development of a
    branded solution
    for the largest
    mobile operator
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