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A passenger application that allows you to track public transport and pay your fare
What is RozKvyt
RozKvyt is public transport in your smartphone. The mobile application for iOS and Android allows city dwellers and tourists to view all intracity and intercity public transport routes and tariffs, purchase a ticket, and reserve a seat on an intercity route in advance. The application features a real-time passenger information board for each stop, a list of current routes with visualization on the map, and the online public transport tracking function. The service has been integrated with the Fleetix and SmartBus systems so that dispatchers and drivers can receive payment data

What was done
Native user applications for iOS and Android have been implemented, which are integrated with the Fondy payment system with a payment registration delay of up to 3 seconds, which allows the driver to receive payment data on their tablet in real time. Integration with BLE tags was implemented for automatic registration of the route number and convenient fare payment. The purchase of long-distance tickets and the viewing of payment history have been implemented, with some options for social security beneficiaries of various categories. All payment information is displayed instantly on the driver's tablet in the SmartBus mobile application.

The customer's goal
Implementation of a cashless fare payment system to minimize cash transactions, implementation of a service for purchasing intercity tickets in advance, and registration of social security beneficiaries; this is also an additional tool for passengers to track public transport, rate drivers and buses.
4 project highlights
  • Integrated approach
    RozKvyt is one of many elements of the global IT system of the city and region
  • Using BLE tags
    Automatic route and
    fare identification using sensors
  • Data promptness
    The driver is informed about the successful payment of the fare within 3 seconds
  • Scaling
    Easy addition of future public services to the system architecture
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