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Clear Future
A comprehensive system for accounting and sorting solid household waste by the population with a referral system
What is Clear Future
A national platform for sorting, disposal and removal of solid household waste. Using the system, anyone can start a solid waste collection business by placing their containers in residential areas, and all residents have the opportunity to sort waste and receive a monetary reward for properly sorted waste put into appropriate containers. The project seeks to improve the environmental conditions in Ukraine.

What was done
We have developed the entire logic of the system –administrator and business owner web interfaces, as well as mobile applications for iOS and Android. The administrator interface features an integrated QR code reader allowing for identification of a resident who sorted the garbage and automatic crediting of bonus points to their virtual account depending on the weight of each sorted package.

The customer's goal
Create a platform to encourage the population to sort household waste.
4 project highlights
  • 3 changes in the concept
    The customer changed the project requirements three times during the development process
  • Referral model
    Top business analysts
    have been involve
    into a business model creation
  • Hybrid work process
    Distribution of tasks
    between online
    offline employees
  • Focus group
    More than 300 people were involved to validate
    the idea among the population
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