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FESKO Reportal
iOS and Android mobile applications for optimizing the work of merchandisers and monitoring their performance
What is Reportal?
Reportal is a comprehensive software product that consists of server software, an administrative panel with a comprehensive reporting tool, and iOS and Android mobile applications for real-time interaction with merchandisers. Reportal allows you to monitor and schedule the remote work of merchandisers in retail outlets, monitor the retail outlet coverage map, evaluate and reward merchandisers depending on their performance and submitted reports and photo reports. Reportal has been used by leading Ukrainian FMCG companies for several years, allowing them to achieve better results and improve the quality of product placement in retail outlets.

What was done
First, we were tasked with conducting an audit of current mobile applications after having received the source codes from another developer. We have reviewed the code of iOS and Android applications, tested the APIs and updated the existing terms of reference, which was divided into several stages based on the customer's priorities. Our development team is constantly working on the implementation of new features.

The customer's goal
Implement new system features based on the existing customers’ feedback, increase product appeal, and attract new customers to partner and work with the Reportal system.
4 project highlights
  • Interaction with the backend
    Formation of the API requirements for the backend developer working on the customer's side
  • Offline
    Implementation of a feature saving all data inside the applications if no network connection is available
  • Field
    All features are
    obligatory tested live prior to release together with the customer
  • Processing
    Processing photos, automatic addition of a watermark, saving photos to the smartphone gallery
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