Mobile applications


We create mobile applications for iOS and Android of any direction – for B2B, B2C and B2G segments. Our applications can interact with various telematics equipment, server software or be completely autonomous. Most of our solutions use GPS, GSM, Bluetooth technologies, we have the experience of integration with various payment systems. We develop mobile applications for ready solutions (ERP, CRM or WEB-sites) or we undertake the comprehensive creation of the entire system.

Areas of use

For many years, mobile applications have been a mandatory attribute of any serious brand or product – online stores, manufacturers of any equipment or cars – all have their own applications. All everyday services are also presented in the applications form – navigation, audio players, search for public transport, etc.


Mobile applications work much faster than any WEB application or website due to the fact that most of the content is not loaded via the Internet but is part of the application on a

How it works


All the necessary tools are always near - using a smartphone or tablet users get access to information in several clicks


Increase user loyalty, demonstrate the adaptability and flexibility of the company, simplify interaction with content


Building individual loyalty programs for each user in order to retain him with personal bonuses and discounts


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